Standard of English in our School

The standard of English in our schools is very low. The teaching of English in our schools is in ,a chaotic state today. Our students of secondary classes do not know how to use even the inmost common structures of English. Hence, it is very essential to know the causes of the low standard of English in our schools. Some of the causes for it are as follows-

  1. Lack of Purpose-The teacher of English is not clear about the aims of teaching English. He is like a sailor who does not know his destination and the pupil is like a forsaken vessel being drift ted aimlessly. There is chaos everywhere in .our schools as far as the teaching of English in concerned. ·
  2. Faulty method of teaching-The method of teaching English in our schools are very  faulty. No  good  and  scientific  method  of teaching is used in our schools for teaching English. Our teachers know only translation method and they use it quite blindly . Even in many public schools it is the same method that it used .
  3. Lack of audio-visual aids-Our schools do not possess · sufficient audio-visual aids. A language can not be taught without use of audio-visual aids.
  4. Bad text books-Our text books are very bad and defective. They are generally written by Professors and Principals of Colleges who know nothing of the standard of students in our schools.
  5. Faulty system of examination-Our faulty system of examination encourage students to indulge in cramming instead  of trying to learn the skills of  English language. The exam setters for secondary class hardly know anything of the standard and requirements of the students. These examiners are generally college lecturers and professors who have no experience of teaching English in schools. Hence, they do not set proper questions in the examinations.

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  1. Overcrowded classes-The classes in our schools are generally overcrowded. Hence, it is not possible to employ modern methods of teaching English in our schools. No individual attention is paid to the progress being made by the students.
  2. Faulty approach to teaching of grammar-Our English teachers make a faulty approach to teaching of English. They lay too much emphasis on the definitions of rules and the typical aspects of grammar instead of giving a chance to the students to learn the rules of grammar themselves through observation and practical use.
  3. Neglect of correction work-‘-No attention is paid in our school to do correction work in English composition . The practice prevalent in our schools is either to postpone the correction work or to do it careless. Moreover, the students are not trained to full benefit out of the correction work done by the teacher. The students do not correct their mistakes. In this way, the correction work done by the teachers goes wasted.

Remedial suggestion

       The following remedial suggestions are being given foraise the standard of English  in our schools-

        (1) The teacher must be clear in his mind about the aims of teaching English. The student must also know what he is learning and for what purpose.

       (2) New methods of teaching English should be employed in our schools. More stress should be laid on pattern practice of correct speaking and writing English than on translation method of teaching English.

       (3) Language teaching institutes must provide short-term or in service courses in teaching methods to the teachers of English.

       (4) Our books should be written in such a way that they fulfill the needs of the students and are written according to the mental standard of the students.

       (5) Provision must be made to equip every school with necessary audio-visual aids for good and efficient teaching of English.

       (6) The system of examination should be overhauled so that there is no need of cramming on the part of the students.

       (7) The teacher should not neglect the correction work. The student should also be taught how to get maximum benefit out of the correction work done by the teacher.

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