Role Of English In India

                The role of English in our educational setup after independence has drawn considerable attention in India. The healed debate between the protagonists and antagonists of English remained a great issue for a long time, but now the whole controversy has subsided in favour of keeping English as a compulsory subject at secondary and senior secondary level in our schools.

                The various commissions and committees appointed by the government of India have given the following verdicts.

(1) English should be studied as a compulsory subject at the secondary
and higher stages.
(2) It should not be continued as the medium of instruction at the
secondary stage.
(3) It may be used as the medium of instruction at the
     University level and in higher technical and professional course.

               Professor. V.K. Gokaka, Director, Central Institution Of English, Hyderabad has rightly observed in this connection, “Whatever the controversy may exist regarding the validity of English as the medium of instruction almost everyone realises the  paramount need to teach English as a compulsory subject in our school at secondary level and in our colleges at University level.”

               Undoubtedly English Has a great role to play in our present educational set-up. It would be inconceivable to think of a scholar well versed in his field of work without knowledge of English as it makes us conversant with the latest development in most of the field in the world. This is more urgent and important due to the entry and spread of multinationals in our country and because of globalization.  

              In view of this new place of English in India, Its teaching also required remodeling. The study of English Language required a different dimension altogether today, if we want to benefit our student from this discipline.

             While recognizing the importance of continuing the learning of English in our school and colleges, we have also to keep in mind the word scenario.  It is today the lingua-franca of the word. we have to admit the fact that it cannot continue to occupy the same place in the Educational set-up of our country. Today, it can no more enjoy the status of ‘lingua-frinca‘ in our country. This position must go to Hindi now.

              The Constitution of India, adopted in 1950, has envisaged Hindi as the only official language in India. While English is to continue as a main language for study purpose. The position given to English in the school curriculum has been clearly laid down by the kothari commission, 1964-1966 and most of the school in India have adopted the syllabus of English according to the recommendation of that commission.

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