Online Jobs Without Investment [Case Study] 100% Working in 2018

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Online Jobs Without Investment [Case Study] 100% Working in 2018

You are here Cause you are looking for online jobs from home without any investment. It doesn’t matter where you are belonging but money is the basic need to fulfill our requirement so everyone trying to find legitimate ways to make money online and offline.

Before Few year ago I also was also like you who was searching for making money online cause I was unemployed and was searching for online jobs. I spent lots of time in the reading article and wasted money also in some fake online jobs.

But Here in this article, I am going to share with you some trusted online jobs by which I am making money for a long time and many people are earning money from the ways which I am going to explain.

(when you are looking for online jobs and read all article then you will feel like this) 


You know making money online or offline is not easy and when you search for it then you will see lots of sites and blog and even ads saying that you can ” make money from home” or ” Data entry jobs from home” and there are some idiot who will say you can earn money anywhere and with your comfort also without  any experience.

But, believe me, or not these all are pure scrap and fake promises by which they will ask you for sign up fees and later you will catch on their trap so this is reality cause everyone wants easy money without working hard. But if you want to make money you must work hard, learn lots of things and you have to understand how internet online jobs or internet money making system works.

PTC (Paid To Click) Sites: 

PTC sites mean getting paid to click and it’s very secure and most reliable who have just basic knowledge about internet surfing and no more technical skills required in this online job, and this is absolute without investment.

In this PTC online job, you have to surf others website for few times as per needed on different poets’ sites. You have just to watch advertisement given to PTC sites and get paid some bucks to watch each of advertisement.

When you click on ads on PTC sites ads will be open in a new window, and you have to wait sometimes for validate ads and after waiting time some amount will be credited to your account.

Different types of sites have some different ad approval method, but it is necessary to stay sometime which is given on ads tab and also counter will be on the new window to approve ads after it you will find the message like $$$ credit to your account.

All PTC sites have a different minimum payout some of the sites have 1$, and some of the sites have 10$ after cross threshold you can withdraw money in your account.

The requirement for PTC Online Jobs Without Investment:

Joining on PTC sites are completely free. However, some of the sites offer membership levels like gold level-silver level-bronze level also. Still, you can join free membership also to start work you need to;

1: Valid E-mail addresses To sign up for PTC sites.

2: Verified PayPal account or payza account or Alertpay account to receive payment.

Also, Remember that you must not create multiple accounts yourself to create fake referral or refer income otherwise it may cause to suspend your account so play safe.

I have collected Genuine And Legitimate PTC websites to start work for PTC online Jobs Without Investment Check Trusted PTC sites here.

Online Paid Survey Jobs

Getting paid via online survey work is also hottest online jobs without registration fees nowadays, and it is also very easy to do from home and in your spare time, and there are legit sites available which pay for our opinion.

In this kind of survey sites no more experience required, this work you have just to need a PC and internet connection and little fair knowledge about how the survey works and you can get paid by just for giving your opinion.

There is some lots of MNC, who always want to get opinions from people for reviewing their product-service via online paid survey sites. There are lots of survey sites available on the market and also lots of people are making money via online paid survey work.

This is a very easy task which you which you can do and you have to give an opinion on specific products or services and also have to answer for given survey on sites you can make 50$ – 100$ daily just from online paid survey jobs without investment.

How Online Paid Survey Jobs Works? 

Many companies nowadays are promoting and marketing their product on the digital way and spreading their product and its related information, and they also want to know feedback and responses what users think about their product or services.

To get human reviews they use survey sites to know from people via what are their opinion and thinking on the services or product for which they are investing money. And also they will pay money for reviewing a product from people’s opinion who joined survey sites.

This is easy and reliable and comfortable online jobs without investment for a college student, housewives and retired people who want to make some extra income in their spare time by spending some time daily.

You can get paid via PayPal, Alertpay or also can withdraw money via bank wire transfer different survey site have a different payment method also you can see on individual sites also I have gathered some genuine and trusted top Online Paid Survey sites and explained briefly.

Find the Best and also Proven Online Jobs from Home Without Investment – You can Work as a Part Time Job or Full-Time Job

Online Data Entry Typing Jobs

If you are ready to fast typing work and if you have good internet speed then this is the best online typing jobs for you from home without any investment. Just Basic knowledge and fast typing speed hard work necessary for this online captcha solving jobs.

This one is also popular online jobs without investment without paying and bucks free to join, and you can start this works, for this online job you need patience, accuracy and extra typing speed with the deadline because you have to solve a captcha on some span of time.

Check legit and many genuine sites which pay the user for typing captcha words and it is genuine data entry and captcha solving the task by which you can get paid for typing words online you can find more details about online data entry typing work from home without investment.

Make Money Online Blogging

This is most popular and most legitimate online jobs, and lots of people are doing this and making hundreds of $$$$ via blogging.

If you are serious about making money online or want to earn lifelong via online jobs without investment, then this is the right choice, and I recommend to this online work I mean blogging What is blogging? And how to make money via blogging, I am gonna to explain step by step with payment proof.

This is payment proof of my google Adsense account see how people are making money from their own blog just by writing an article about the topic of which you have knowledge and ideas. You can make the blog on any niche but you have to decide first which will best for you and your main aim should not be to making money from it.

You have to write an excellent article which will funny cover any topic and satisfy user query this types of the quality article will help you to grow your blog and income. Check some trending niche on which you can start blog.

  • Create your own website on Blogger or WordPress platform
  • Choose a niche or topic on which you interested and have some knowledge about
  • Buy a custom domain from GoDaddy or bigrock
  • Choose website Hosting plan
  • Learn some article writing strategy
  • Learn some SEO (search engine optimization) and apply it.
  • Attract visitors to blog by doing some on-page SEO and off-page SEO technique
  • Post unique and useful content on the blog which helps people and solves their issue
  • Apply for ad networks Like Google Adsense or Yahoo-Bing Ad network

And after this you can earn decent income via Online blogging you can see this site for learning more about blogging.

Earn Money online By Playing game

Passionate of play game and wanna turn it into a profession or want to play games and make money online in modern era technology developed extremely where you can even play games and also earn money sound looks like earn while you fun.

Yes, there is lots of websites which offer you to make the reward for playing games many new platform and developer launches the new game in starting they want to check games. And also wanna know user review for this they want to know response.

And offer the reward to test games, and you can earn for it.To be successful in life, there are one rules which are “love what you do or do what you love.” I said this cause most of the people and college student or teenagers fond of playing games.

And I would like to inform you via this post their game playing passion become one earning source and already websites available which pay for play games online.

The ways which will allow getting paid to play games and that website listed below by which you can play games and earn some extra cash with your passion.

Online game sites, check below some sites which are offering money to play games online.

Make Money Ad Posting Work

This is quite easy online promoting work called online ad posting and straightforward and easy to do as all we know internet day by day dramatically increasing also people started using it.

To buy-sell-promote-advertise and many more purpose and to buy or sell the old or new product or freely promote or listing classified business websites is a popular and easy platform with classified sites.

Anyone can buy-sell or promote their product list business in city locality, and also you can become ad poster and get paid for posting ads by promoting product requirements of any firms or ad agency there are lots of classified websites available on the net like quicker, olx, Craiglist, Gumtree and much more.

Some agency and business and mnc company want to promote their product on various classified web-portal to get more customer and audience for their business for this they hire ad poster and give them promoting work.

They will give the title and some useful description you have to sign up on classified websites and copy and paste title and details given from where you have taken ad posting work.I have also written the article about ad posting work from home you can check.

Work As A Freelancer 

This is trending work nowadays cause this is quite easy cause there is no time restriction, and individually you can do this from home and from anywhere and different kinds of task available on these sites.

If you are good at translating any language, then you can also start with translating task if you are talented logo designer then also you can make money by designing the logo and if you are coder then coding work.

You can become article writer also if you are good at writing an article any kinds of task you can do these sites I can say outsourcing work from all freelancer people who are active on freelancing sites.

This is attractive jobs on the internet nowadays cause this job doesn’t require much time, and you can do anytime and anywhere due to lack of time people often choose this online internet job without investment.

  • Freelancing sites offer many kinds of work like,
  • Articles writing online jobs,
  • Complete survey as per required
  • Complete Sign up offers on various sites
  • Posting ads on classified sites
  • Download software and files
  • Translate language and conversion
  • Make a website and website design
  • Write Articles and content for a website

There are some most trusted and 100% tested freelancing sites, and I have collected and also divided by work types and which types work you can do and get paid via an online freelancing job. You can find the top and Trusted Legitimate Online Freelancing Sites.

Most popular sites If I say Amazon Mechanical Turk, which is also recommended freelancer Fiverr, odesk, elance, guru, and you can find more site like this and detailed guide on this blog content student online work from a unique home guide.

Online Script Writers Jobs

Sitting ideally and dreaming or thinking to write a script with some innovative ideas is an art and skill of a person. How perfect it will be if you are getting paid for the pen and paper work thinking to bring it into reality.

Script writers have a wide area to walk on for writing on soap operas, commercials, comedies, action, dramas in films and on stage.

Script writer’s scripts are the main core on which the directors can prepare a layout and make further vision over it. They are those talented people who can create characters, the genius in crafting dialogues and obvious engaging ambiance.

Primarily the script writers have to go through some actions like research, generating new ideas, outlining and planning, and development of suitable characters that is necessary before writing any script.

Coming to the point of education along with some extra skills that are required for the scriptwriter’s job are as such; a degree in English, journalism or similar fields. Some are training themselves by colleges and vocational schools for getting updated in scriptwriting work.

Make interesting scripts which can attract people very easily. It must be unique so that there is eagerness among all. Let your mind reach to-infinitive, and there should be no boundary on creativeness while writing a script.

Generate such kind of aura that can draw the attention of any production companies and television stations too. Whatever script you are writing, it must be easily understandable and clear with straight expressing ideas.

Approach with an email towards any author or you can stay connected with some agents who can lead you towards script editors initially. Mail your sample script along with your description and work.

A script writer can earn a great amount on writing scripts. Depending on the script you can get up to $40-60,000.

Earn Through Amazon:

Amazon offers you multi options to earn from home and earn the good income by performing the task. Work from mobile, click and purchase, free shipping offers are the best ways that Amazon provides to all. Figuring out the best way to earn regularly by Amazon is the trick that you should opt.

Affiliate Programs are brought by Amazon that is helpful to the bloggers for getting a good mileage to the post. There should be a product review related to the post, so as and when the there is clicks on the related URL; you will be paid at the end of purchases.

If you are good at any crafty handmade materials, you can sell it on Amazon. All those products like jewelry, furniture, home décor and many more other options are sold on Amazon. EBook publishing on Amazon is the satisfying option for the short stories writers. And hence entrap the readers for the Kindles that are published all over the world within 48 hours.

Earn by becoming a third party seller on Amazon i.e. sell your own products by making your own plans and get $0.99 for each item and even 8%-15% referral fees. Thus Amazon completes the work of storing, packing, shipping on behalf of you.

Sell the original contents that are your own. Like DVD’s, CD’s, books, etc. on their site. Createspace is the company owned by amazon that works by paying you when the product is sold on amazon.

Earn cool income by Amazon Mechanical Turks for the small tasks. For example, describe something in 10 words and earn about 10 cents. For reviewing any product you will get about $2-3.

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