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Future Learn

Many online courses can be done on your own, but FutureLearn encourages students to be social and talk with the other people taking the same courses. With over a million enrolled in the classes here, there will be lots of people to talk to.


The courses offered come from 40 places all across the world, including some top British institutions like the British Council and British Museum. FutureLearn has no partners in the U.S., so if you’re looking for American English, you might want to try a different website.


Future Learn works like many MOOCs—lessons are given every week for a certain number of weeks. You can learn along with the class, which is highly encouraged (so you can talk to other students). But if the class doesn’t fit into your schedule, you can take it at your own pace.


No Essentials Essentials
1 Hello Hello
2 Good evening Good evening
3 Goodbye Goodbye
4 See you later See you later
5 Yes Yes
6 No No
7 Excuse me! Excuse me!
8 Thanks Thanks
9 Thanks a lot Thanks a lot
10 Thank you for your help Thank you for your help
11 Don’t mention it Don’t mention it
12 Ok Ok
13 How much is it? How much is it?
14 Sorry! Sorry!
15 I don’t understand I don’t understand
16 I get it I get it
17 I don’t know I don’t know
18 Forbidden Forbidden
19 Excuse me, where are the toilets? Excuse me, where are the toilets?
20 Happy New Year! Happy New Year!
21 Happy birthday! Happy birthday!
22 Happy holiday! Happy holiday!
23 Congratulations! Congratulations!


Steps to Learning English


To become a fluent English speaker, you must study and master reading, listening, and speaking. At, the lessons are structured to give you practice in all three areas at the same time.

Pronunciation matters – believe me!


  1. Rightly or wrongly, the way that you speak is one of the first things that people notice about you. People will judge your background, education and social standing just by the way you speak.
  2. Even if you can already communicate in English if you don’t speak clearly, people won’t understand you and they won’t want to talk to you, because it’s just too tiring.
  3. Listening and understanding are also important. If you don’t know how different words are pronounced you will struggle to improve your understanding.

Don’t confuse pronunciation with accent. Good pronunciation doesn’t mean that we all have to talk like the Queen of England. As long as your pronunciation is understandable and pleasant that’s fine, if people struggle to understand you then you may need to try and reduce your accent, but unless you are an actor, and you need to play different roles, or you want to become a spy, it’s not worth trying to get rid of your accent.

That said, successful speaking is more than just knowing how to pronounce words correctly.

Enunciation is is the act of speaking clearly and concisely, making each word sound as clear as possible, without sounding as if you think the person you are talking to is an idiot.

Elocution is about putting the right emphasis and nuance into what you are saying. Even kids born and bred in the UK take elocution lessons.

USA Learns


USA Learns is a popular, comprehensive, free English course for adults. It has a combination of reading, listening, writing and speaking lessons. It also includes quizzes so you can check your progress.


The course was created with funding from the United States government, which is why it’s available free of charge. It’s also why some of the course content feels geared toward newcomers to the United States. For example, one lesson covers vocabulary related to paying taxes in the US. However, even this vocabulary will be relevant to many English learners, not just those in the US. Every lesson teaches a valuable grammar point as well.


The lessons go from lower beginner to intermediate. If you’re an advanced speaker, USA Learns will still be useful to you, but more as a tool for review.


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