Objectives of teaching English at secondary stage and four type English skill

As the need of teaching English has been accepted for secondary stage of our schools, we should know the objectives, of teaching it at this stage.These objectives are as follows-

(1) To develop certain abilities,skills, attitudes and interests through language teaching.

(2) To assist the students in acquiring working knowledge of English for all practical-purposes,

(3) To prepare the students to join and get the benefit of higher education.

(4) To help the students to acquire a fair command of the “Essential English.”

For the sake of classification,the linguistic abilities and skills can be analysed further as under:-                                                         ·


  • Comprehension
  • Expression
  • Appreciation in practical way.


(1) Speed

(2) Reading

(3) Writing

Similarly, we can analyse the objectives and skills in the behavioural changes in the students. English that teaching is expected to bring which are as follows:

(1) Skill in listening

(2) Skill in speaking

(3) Skill in reading

(4) Skill in writing

The above mentioned skill can be elaborated in the following


(i) Skill in listening-                                                                                                                                                                         (

(1) To listen properly at the first in stance

(2) To listen attentively and purposefully

(3) To listen with understanding

(4) To listen for creating impression

(5) To listen for imitation

(6) To listen for corresponding reaction.

(ii) Skill in speaking-

(1) To accentuate syllabus correctly

(2) To pronounce words correctly

(3) To have proper articulation of voice

(4) To make an effective choice of appropriate words,phrases and sentences

(5) To convey a feeling through facial expression and gestures corresponding to the to pic of speech

(6) To keep a link of oral expression

(7) To create effective speech for creating desired impression

(8) To maintain adequate fluency,speed and continuity.

(iii) Skill in reading-

(1) To accentuate correctly

(2) To pronounce correctly

(3) To have proper intonation or articulation of voice

(4) To maintain adequate speed,fluency and continuity

(5) To acquire ability to read silently with understanding

(6) To acquire ability to read loudly with understanding

(7) To acquire ability for equal eye span and utterance

(8) To acquire ability to make reading as living and free as speech.

(iv) Skill in writing-

(1) To translate sounds into symbols correctly and quickly

(2) To acquire an adequate speed in writing

(3) To acquire legibility

(4) To add neatness and beauty to the writing

(5) To acquire uniformity in speed as well as in shaping

(v) Arrangement of matter-

(1) To acquire the habit of systematic arrangement of letters,words and paragraphs with proper spacing

(2) To arrange the paragraphs according to ideas.


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