ICT Quiz 2018 Choose The Correct Answers

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1. Which one of these is a type of viruses?

A. White hat
B. Red hat
C. Internet Worm

2. What effect can adware have on your system?

A. Bad computer performance
B. Bad internet connection
C. Viruses attacking your system

3. What does malware do to your computer?

A. Deletes your personal files and applications
B. Gains access to a users system in order to carry out certain tasks which a hacker has scheduled
C. Slows down your system

4. How can you prevent spyware from accessing your computer?

A. Dont click on advertisements
B. Keep your computer password protected
C. Download an anti-virus program

5. What could you install on your computer in order to keep it safe and secure from viruses?

A. Download Malware
B. Download Spyware
C. Download an Anti-Virus program

6. What is unauthorized transfer or copying ?

A. Copying or transfering software without the permission of the user
B. Copying or transfering software with the permission of the user
C. Hacking in to a user’s system

7. What are computer shortcuts ?

A. They are and easier and faster way to navigate through your computer
B. They are a slower and hard way to navigate through your computer
C. A type of virus

8. What are online threats ?

A. They are types of viruses which can harm your computer
B. They help your computer in being safe
C. They are different types of ICT Shortcuts

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