|| Gujarat’s Natural Features | geography ||

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|| Gujarat’s Natural Features | geography ||


Natural Features


The relief is low in the most parts of the state and involves diverse climate conditions. The winters  are mild, pleasant, and dry with average daytime temperatures around 83F(29C) and nights around 83F(29C) The summers are extremely hot and dry with day temperatures around 115F(46C) and at night no lower than 83F(29C) The time just before the monsoon the temperature are similar to above but now there is high humidity which makes the air feel hotter. Relief comes when the monsoon season starts around in mid June.


The day temperatures are lower to around 100F(38C) but humidity is very high and nights are around 83F(29C) Most of the rainfall occurs in this season. Though mostly dry, it is desertic in the north-west, and wet in the southern districts due to heavy monsoon season.


With the construction of Sardar Sarovar on Narmada River, a result of the largest dam in India, irrigation facilities have improved immensely, with water being provided to the most dry areas of Kutch and Saurashtra through a 550 km long canal. With the Gulf of Kutch and the Gulf of Cambay, Gujarat has about 1600 km of coastline, which is the longest coastline of all Indian states.

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