|| Gujarat’s Land geography ||

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|| Gujarat’s Land geography ||

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Gujarat is situated between 201′ and 247′ north latitudes and 684′ and 744’east longitudes on -the west coast of India. It is bounded on the west by the Arabian sea, on the north­ west by Pakistan, on the north by Rajasthan, on the east by Madhya Pradesh and on the south and south-east by Maharashtra.

The state of Gujarat occupies the northern extremity of the western sea-board of India. It has the longest coast line 1290 km among Indian states. The state comprises three geographical regions.

  1. The peninsula, traditionally known as Saurashtra. It is essentially a hilly tract sprinkled with low mountains.
  2. Kutch on the north-east is barren and rocky and contains the famous Rann (desert) of Kutch, the big Rann in the north and the little Rann in the east.
  3. The mainland extending from the Rann of Kutch and the Aravalli Hills to the river Damanganga is on the whole a level plain of alluvial soil.

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