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Importance of correction work

       Correction work is important in the teaching of a language because if the wrong furrow goes in corrected they are orgy learning these more thoroughly. When the manner of language short comings in the subject matter or the manner of its presentation are pointed out to the students it helps them acquiring the correct forms. A good teacher while correcting the note books of students not only indicates the weaknesses but also encourages the students by pointing out strong points of the students. He is not satisfied with only discovering errors but gives constructive suggestions to each and every pupil for improving his or her composition.

Methods adopted for making corrections

  1. Importance of self-correction-It is an admitted fact that when a pupil is called upon to point out his or her own mistakes, he/ she exercises his/ her mind, there are many chances that he/she would not commit the same mistake in the times to come.
  2. Use of symbols-The teacher should indicate the type of error committed by a student in a particular line by putting one or more of the following or similar symbols in the corresponding margin –

A     stands    for      Error in the use of article

E     stands    for      Wrong English

0     stands    for      Omit

P     stands    for      Error in Punctuation

s      stands    for     Error in spelling

T     stands     for     Error in tense

Z      stand     for      Irrelevant

       The teacher may use symbols other than these but the pupils should be made aware of their meaning.

       It is essential that all the teachers of English in a school should use symbols mutually agreed upon by them to avoid confusion among the students which would otherwise be there if each one is using his or her separate symbols.

  1. Writing the correct forms-After pointing out the mistakes with the help of symbols, the teacher should make sure that the students have learnt the correct forms. In case he finds that they are not able to know the correct forms, the teacher should himself write the correct forms on their note books.
  2. Making essential mistakes at a time-The teacher should mark only essential mistakes at a time. He should not take all the items at a time. If the whole composition is full of red ink, the pupil may be discouraged and develop inferiority feeling which is not in the true spirit of teaching.
  3. Follow-up work-It is a very important step in correction. The pupil should be asked to write the correct forms of the mistakes committed by him at least five times but it should not be done mechanically.

       The teacher should also set some remedial exercises so that the pupil gets enough practice in using the correct form of the mistakes.

       Apart from the points mentioned above the following measures should also be taken:

(i)     Home work in English.

(ii)   Separate not books for maintaining record.

(iii) Proper seating arrangement in a crowded class-room.

(i) Home work in English

(1) Assignment of home work should be regular.

(2) Home work is an aid to acquisition of language abilities. Hence, there is need of increase the pace of planning .and assigning the home work judiciously and effectively.

(3) The home work may be one of the following types :

       (a) Writing answers to comprehension on a lesson or a paragraph from the text book.

       (b) Grammar work in the form of completion exercises, transformation, word formation etc.

       (c) Preparatory work on a few paragraph or a chapter, using a dictionary.

       (d) Memorizing a part of the poem or the whole poem.

       (e) Use of words in sentences.

       (f) Precise-writing.

Important points to remember while checking the home work.

       (i) No student copies from cheap notes and guides or from the note-books of the class-fellows.

       (ii) No student should get the home work done by private tutors or parents at home as it leads to spoon feeding. The student may, at the most, seek guidance from these persons.

 (ii) Separate not books

       Pupils should have separate note books keeping a regular record of their achievements in the following areas of learning English language-

(a) For composition

(b)For grammar work

(c) For language exercises e.g. idioms and phrases, word meaning etc.

(d) For spellings and word building

(e) For textual questions.

Important points to remember

       (1) In case, it is not possible to have separate note books as, mentioned above, two or three portions of one note book may be made, each with one type of exercise.

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       (2) Fin-uncle help can be given to poor students from poor boys fund for the purchase of these note books.

       (3) The teacher should inspect the note books of the students off, and on and impress upon them the need to cultivate habits of neatness and tidiness.

       (4) Pupils found most regular in doing the home work should be given prizes at the annual prize distribution function of school.

(iii) Seating arrangement in crowded class-room

       Proper seating arrangement makes allowance for maximum language activity and maximum class-control, of course making use of minimum restriction. It also makes it easy for the teacher to conduct group activities in the teaching of language.

Important points to remember-

  1. Seating arrangement should be such that every student is able to hear and see the teacher.
  2. Seating arrangement should be done in such a way that every student is within the view of the teacher.
  3. Naughty students should be seated in the front row.
  4. Group leaders should be so-seated j:hat their movement does not disturb other members of the group whet the former are called by the teacher to conduct some activities.
  5. The arrangement of desks in the class-room should not restrict the movement of the teacher otherwise he will not be able to supervise written work Jf the students or pay them individual attention.
  6. The room should be  well  lighted.  Seating arrangement should make it possible for all the students in the class even the back benchers, to read with ease and convenience what is drawn or written · on the black-board. Similarly, they should be able to see the audio-visual aids clearly.
  7. The seats should be comfortable.

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