CBSE English Model Paper Formative Assessment Class-VII

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CBSE English Model Paper Formative Assessment Class-VII

2014-15       Max.Marks:40     Time: 90 min

Section-A (Reading )

1. A beautiful actress had her home in a small town , but she did not want to go back there every night. So she rented a flat in the centre of the city and placed order for some beautiful furniture. She hired a man to paint the rooms. She was a great actress and it was very difficult to get tickets for her show. She decided to give the painter two free tickets of her show. She hoped that this would make him work better for her. The painter took the tickets without saying anything and she heard no more about them. At the end of the month , she got the painter’s bill . At the bottom of it were the words. Three hours, watching Miss. Hall sing and dance $60 with this note:After 5 p.m I charge $20 an hour instead of $10.

Read the questions given below and write the options you consider the most appropriate in your answer sheet.                           5 min

1.Miss.Hall was
a) an old lady   b) a beautiful actress    c) a great writer   d )an ugly woman
2. Miss .Hall rented a flat in the city because
a)she did not want to go back to her house every night.
b)She was afraid of being attacked on the way to her home.
c)She was very beautiful.
d)She was a successful actress .
3. In order to make her house look nice
a) She bought new curtains b)She kept a servant in the house
c) She bought a new house d)She got the room painted

4. The painter charged her for the tickets because
a) he enjoyed her show b) he thought it was a waste of time
c) he sold the tickets to someone d) he was angry with the actress
5.The noun form of beautiful is
a)beautify b) beautifully c) beauty d) beautifying

2.Read the following poem and answer the questions that follow:                                                                    5 Min

While fishing in the blue lagoon ,
I caught a lovely silver fish,
And he spoke to me, ‘My boy’, quothhe
‘Please set me free and I’ll grant your wish;
A kingdom of wisdom?A palace of gold?
Or all the fancies of your mind can hold?’
And I said ‘OK’ and I set him free ,
But he laughed at me as he swam away,
Into a silent sea.
Today I caught that fish again
(That lovely silver prince of fishes).
And once again he offered me,

If I would only set him free,
And one of a number of wishes
If I would throw him back to the fishes.
He was delicious

2. On the basis of your reading of the above poem, complete the following sentences.

a) While fishing in the blue lagoon, the poet________________________________
b) The fish requested him to ______________________________and promised him to____________________
c) The poet set the fish free because __________________but the fish _______________
d) Once again the poet caught the same fish which was ___________________________
e) Once again the fish _________________but this time the poet______________________

Section-B ( Writing )

3. You are Aman / Anushka the CCA captain of your school put up a Notice on the school Notice Board inviting students to participate in the Inter-house English Poem recitation competition giving necessary details.                                                   4 min
4. Write a short paragraph on “The Importance of Holidays for school children”. Use the hints given below and with your own ideas write in about 100 words.                                                                                                                                               6 min

Holidays very essential for school children –enable them to relax –have a hectic schedule during working days- don’t get time to pursue hobbies- during holidays visit relatives houses, places of tourist interestlearn more about places and people – play , spend time happily –do Home work too –sleep for long hours –eat properly- spend time the way they like.

Section- c (Grammar)

5.Choose the right word from the options given and fill in the gap:                                                   2 Min
a)You are so ________today( lately /more late / most lately /late)
b) I have ___________reached the spot ( just/before / after/late)
c)Is ___________any food left ? (here/ everywhere / there/somewhere/
d)Take this medicine ____________(always / never /sometimes /twice)

6. Each of the following sentences has two blanks . Fill in the blanks with appropriate forms of the word given in brackets.      2 Min
A)Hehas_____________to help me. Do youthink he will remember his ___________?(promise)
b) The committee has ___________to make Jagdish captain of the team. The _________is likely to please everyone. (decide)

7.Rewrite each of the following pairs of sentences as a single sentence. Use ‘if’at the beginning of the sentence.       2 min
a)Walk fast. You’ll catch the bus.
b)Be polite to people . They’ll also be polite to you.

Section –D?( Literature )

8. When everybody talks during the lesson,
The rebel doesn’t say a word.
When nobody talks during the lesson,

The rebel creates a disturbance.

A)When does the rebel create disturbance?
i)when he feels like ii)every time
iii)when nobody talks during a class iv)when everyone talks during a class
b)When everyone talks during the lesson , what does the rebel do ?
i) He plays alone ii)He leaves the class
iii)He gets annoyed iv)He doesn’t say a word
c)Choose a word from the lines which is similar to “cause”
i) Caused ii)During iii)creates iv)Lesson

10 Answer anyfour questions briefly:                            4×2=8 min
a) Who was the bearded man? Why had he come to the forest?
b) On getting Gopu mama’s chappals , the music teacher tried not to look too happy. Why?
c) What lesson can we learn from the ants?
d) Kari learnt the commands to sit and to walk. What were the instructions for each command?
e) Why is the rebel called so ?List any two things done by him.

11. Imagine you are the king and briefly narrate your meeting with the hermit.             4 min


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