Aims and Objectives of teaching English at Present

             There is a significant change in the present aims and objectives of teaching English at the secondary level in our schools. Some of the main changes in this context are—-

(1) Shift from literature to language— The student in our school are not to be given knowledge of English literature but of English language. Hence the teaching of English should be made more practical and language oriented in order to achieve the limited objectives of learning it for practical purpose only. It has been, clearly pointed out by official language commission that English has to be taught here principally as a language of comprehension rather than as literally language so as to develop in the student a faculty for comprehending writing in English, more specially the writing relating to the subject matter of their field of study.

Aims and Objectives of teaching English at Present

(2) Shift of emphasis from vocabulary to structure:—Another shift of emphasis required is one from vocabulary to structure. More attention was paid to the teaching of vocabulary , formerly while preparing teaching materials and while teaching in the classroom, but now it has been realized that the words of a foreign language are less importance than the arrangement. Hence vocabulary of English has assumed a secondary position, while the structural pattern has become the most importance and fundamental thing. The arrangement of words and correct sequence of sentences with which is called structure of language, we are required to make our students conversant.

Aims and Objectives of teaching English at Present

(3) Shift of emphasis from translation method to direct method:- we should not ignore the fact that English has no longer remained as medium of instruction. Hence, we are not to teach our students how to translate their idea from mother tongue to English and vice-versa. The importance of translation method has lessened. Moreover, recent researches in the skill of learning a foreign language have laid emphasis on the spoken from rather than the writing one from. Translation method ignores all considerations of phonetics, pronunciation and fluency in speech. It has been realized now that there is no use of teaching students the rules of grammar of English and the skill of translating our idea from mother tongue to English. They should be taught to express their ideas directly in English in order to learn the language naturally.    

Aims and Objectives of teaching English at Present

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