Advantages of retaining English in school curriculum

               There are many advantages of retaining English in our school curriculum. Some of the advantage of retaining it in school is as follow.

advantages of retaining english in school curriculum

(1) English is a language closer to Indians than any other language.

(2) The study of English has given us access to a vast and rich literature.

(3) Our great men are the product of English instruction.

(4) It is an international language through which we can exchange our news with the outer world.

(5) English has established a link with western science and technology, So, it can bring to us vast stores of knowledge in science and technical subject, which have been fully developed in the western countries.

(6) English has influenced Indian language in many ways. Their style has improved and their grammar has become more

scientific due to the influence of English language on them.    

(7) Study of English has given the opportunities to Indians for good employment inside the country as well as in foreign land.

(8) English has served and is still serving as a common language for all Indian in different parts of the country. Thus, it helps to bring together living in different parts of our country.

(9) English is a developed language and so it is a source of development in every walk of life.

(10) English is widely used in all transaction and activities in trade and industry. Hence, it can be helpful to those in the field.

(11) It is lingua Franca of the world. So, we should given it due importance in our school curriculum. It should be retained in   our school curriculum as a second language at primary, middle, secondary, and senior secondary levels.

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