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Twelve Ways to Make Money


1.The first idea I want to share with you, and literally the first thing you should do, is create a website (if you don’t already have one) and put an affiliate link to http://www.how-to-makemoney.com. Anytime someone visits your site and clicks that link, they will come to our main “1,000 Ways to Make Money” site. If they order this book, you will earn a 50% commission on every sale generated in that way. We convert about 1 out of every 25 visitors into customers, so it’s a pretty easy way of making money. For complete details on how this works, please visit our affiliate
page at http://www.how-to-make-money.com/affiliates.html.


2) In todays’ competitive college environment, most high schoolers want to get into the best schools they can. And one of the surest ways of being accepted to these good schools is to do well on your ACT and/or SAT college entrance examination. By doing some simple drills on the types
of questions that they’ll be asked, and by understanding basic test-taking strategy, they can improve their score by 20% or more. And the difference between getting a 25 on your ACT and a 30 on the ACT can be life-changing. If you were to offer a class on how to improve one’s SAT/
ACT scores, EVERY school in your area would yield hundreds of potential customers. If you get just 100 kids to take the class, and their parents fork over $150 for it, you’ll be making $15,000 for every class you teach! And you don’t have to be a world-class expert to do this. Just buy and study
some of the latest test-taking strategy books and find the study drills that all the ACT/SAT “prep” books have in common. Plus, look into generic test-taking strategy guides that teach you “exam psychology”. If you spend a couple of months researching this, there’s no reason why you couldn’t
develop a very worthwhile… and very profitable… course.



  1. When roads are built, the contractor brings in heavy equipment and cuts a wide swath through whatever used to be there. Occasionally this means a stand of trees. I once had an employee who used to follow these road builders and retrieve the valuable trees that road contractors would
    knock down. Sometimes they would find huge oak trees and walnut trees that are easily worth $1,000 each. By cutting them into 10 foot sections, they could load them onto a trailer and take them to a saw mill, where they’d receive between $500 and $1,500 PER TREE! Nobody is doing
    this, and in fact, these road contractors typically just burn this wood if nobody asks for it.


  1. In some states, if you don’t pay property tax, the county can sell your property at auction to pay for the back taxes. So obviously there’s some money to be made here. I’ve heard of nice 3-bedroom homes selling for $1,500 or so, and then being resold quickly on the traditional real estate
    market for $50,000. The amazing thing is, not many people are actually doing this, partly because information about how to do it is scarce. All you really need to do is get on the mailing list at each county clerk’s office so that you will be notified whenever there’s a tax sale. Then, you just show
    up at the courthouse, or wherever the properties are being sold, and register for a bidding number. Obviously, this requires a little bit of capital to get started, but not much, and if you reinvest your profits, your income will increase exponentially.



  1. We live in a celebrity culture. But we also live in a throw-away culture. A man in Florida is taking advantage of these two tendencies simultaneously. First, he created a list of all the “celebrities” in his area. Then, he determined the garbage pick-up routes for those areas. Early in the morning, before the garbage truck arrives, he scopes out the “celebrity trash” for anything interesting. Occasionally he finds some amazing things… with real collectibility. Once he found a celebrity’s entire album collection in 4 paper bags on the curb! (Apparently the celebrity had repurchased everything on CD.) Because of the provenance of this collection, he was able to sell it for thousands!


  1. Here’s an idea for people who have absolutely no money, but who need to raise a bit of capital quickly. In almost any area, there are places where you can go and find wildflowers. If you’re not sure, ask around. Picking these costs nothing, yet they make very attractive bouquets. By setting
    up a little table with wildflower bouquets in an area of heavy traffic, you should have no trouble in selling these for $5-10 each.



  1. People are always on the lookout for something fun and exciting to do, and one of the hottest new activities out there is called “para-bouncing”. You can buy a Parabounce for about $10,000 and then sell 15 minute parabounce rides for $25 or more. At carnivals, festivals, and resort areas you can easily make $100 an hour! Here’s how it works: a Parabounce is essentially a really large, heavy-duty rubber balloon filled with helium. Riders wear a harness that hangs below the balloon, just like a parachute. Every time they jump into the air, they rise about 100 feet and slowly and gently return to earth for another “bounce”. Usually, someone holds on to the Parabounce with a long tether rope, just to be completely safe. You can pay for the Parabounce with about 2 months of rental fees, and everything else is profit! If you live near a holiday resort, you could literally make $500 – $600 a day with this one. You can find out more details about Parabouncing on the internet.


  1. Last year, a team of boys came through our neighborhood, offering to paint our house number on our curb using very nice-looking stencils and light-reflective paint. Although we didn’t opt for this, a lot of our neighbors did. At $5 each, they earned about $200 in a weekend… and that was
    just in our one neighborhood.



  1. Real estate brokers earn a 6% commission on every house they sell. That’s $6,000 every time they sell a $100,000 house. So with all that profit potential, the real estate business is extremely competitive. But a similar business – with similar profit potential – exists, yet there’s absolutely ZERO competition. Instead of brokering houses, what about brokering cars? Most people are forced to try and sell their used cars themselves. But if you offer to do all the work for them for a 6% commission, many many people will take you up on your offer. I certainly would. The owner cleans it up and certifies that it’s running okay. Then all you have to do is the same thing a real estate broker does – advertise it for sale and then “show” it to prospective buyers. On a $10,000 car, your commission would be $600, so I don’t see any reason why this couldn’t be at least a $60,000 a year business, at least.


  1. Full-service gas stations have gone the way of house-calls by your doctor, but there are still many customers who would prefer to have all the work done for them for a nice tip. If you were to make prior arrangements with a gas station, you might be able to offer “Full Service” service for tips. Personally, if I pulled into a gas station and I was dressed up, or on my way to somewhere important, I would be happy to let someone pump my gas, wash my windshield, check my oil, check my tire pressure, etc. for a couple of bucks… while I wait in the car. Don’t underestimate the potential, either. This whole process takes just a few minutes, so you could effectively earn $100 a day or more with this. And as your reputation for service and dependability grows, more and more customers will SEEK YOU OUT when they come to the gas station. And that’s how you could sell the idea to the gas station – by offering this value added service, you’re encouraging repeat business from loyal customers. It’s important that you dress nice and groom yourself well when doing this. If you approach people and look like a bum, they’re going to be afraid of you. So in this enterprise, neatness definitely counts!


  1. Local professionals are always looking for ways of attracting new clients. They also tend to be too busy to actively promote their practice. Here’s a way of taking advantage of those two facts. If you can write, there’s a tremendous market for ghostwriting articles for these professionals. These
    articles are intended to be submitted to their local newspapers. In other words, you could approach a local attorney and offer to write him 52 weekly articles that he can submit to the local newspaper. This will provide the attorney with excellent publicity and it also increases his credibility as a
    local expert. And as long as your rates are cheaper than traditional newspaper ads of the same size, it makes financial sense for him. And it’s not just attorneys you can sell this service too… accountants, dentists, bankers, chiropractors, eye doctors, dermatologists, travel agencies or anyone
    else who can benefit from a weekly column in their local paper.


  1. Most people know that eBay is a great place to buy and/or sell things, but very few people think of it as a place to find great bargains and then instantly resell them again. I’ve been using this technique for a while, and I’ve found some amazing bargains. I’m writing a complete ebook on
    how to do this, but I’ll give you three things you can try right now.


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